Arjen Anthony Lucassen (born 3 April 1960) is a Dutch singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist musician and is the mastermind behind Ayreon.

He started his career on the 80's, when he joined Bodine, collaborating in two albums before joining to Vengeance in 1984, being a member until 1992. Since then he has been (mostly) focused on his main project "Ayreon", albeit he had released other side projects such as Star One, Ambeon, Stream Of Passion, Guilt Machine and The Gentle Storm. Also he has released two solo albums under his name, and an album of covers which for some years nobody knew that he was the artist.

He also had collaborated with a number of artists/bands during his career, like Erik Norlander, After Forever, Ian Parry, Elfonia, and Avantasia.

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