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Portrayed by Anneke van Giersbergen

Hailing from the ancient Egyptian empire, she worships gods like Isis, Osiris and Amon-Ra. When arriving at the New Dimension, she originally thinks they're all dead, and rejoices, since they can now join the ranks in the halls of Isis and Osiris. She's mostly optimistic throughout the adventure, but gets emotionally wrecked by the Garden of Emotions. Afterwards, she loses all will to live, wanting to return to the Valley of the Queens. She dies shortly afterwards.


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Portrayed by Fish

The Highlander hails from Scotland. He is not at all amused when reaching the new dimension. He assumes their time is come, and they must all repent for their past actions. He is a warrior, and has slain many foes. He is not proud of his warrior deeds, and assumes his place in the shadows. When shortly after passing the Decision Tree, he decides to not enter the Tunnel of Light. He thinks such an optimistic and bright sight is not suited for one with his darkness, and chooses to die.


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Portrayed by Sharon den Adel

A rather minor character that isn't prominently featured in any songs but her final one. She mostly believes that the New Dimension is fate calling, and they must all face their destiny. She lets herself be carried away by the winds on the Tower of Hope, and believes she will melt into the universe. Though the Hippie and Futureman try to warn her, she ignores them. The winds then reveal themselves to be Death, and he claims her life, causing her to die screaming.


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Portrayed by Edwin Balogh

The Roman believes they have all died and reached the underworld. He is both a leader and a follower, and while he does his best to lead the others to safety, he has trouble conquering his own fears and inadequacies. He ultimately accepts the help of the Knight in the Mirror Maze, and conquers his fears. He ultimately chooses the right gate back to his own era, and rejoices at being reborn.


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Portrayed by Arjen Lucassen

The Hippie has no trouble whatsoever accepting the New Dimension and all of it's weird encounters. He mostly believes he is stoned out of his mind. He thinks his companions shouldn't be so uptight and just enjoy the ride. He has no trouble accepting his own inner turmoil, and the Garden of Emotions just seems to make him high. He does recognize the dangers in the New Dimension, but easily avoids them. He ultimately makes his way back home, and wonders if it was all a trip.


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Portrayed by Damian Wilson

Hailing from medieval England, the Knight is a troubled character who is on a quest for the Holy Grail on the Island of Avalon. He intends to use the grail for it's restorative abilities, in order to revive his lost love. When faced with the people he has slain, he has no real trouble confronting their spirits again. He is also a very stable person, easily conquering his inner turmoil, and having spirit left to pull the Roman through in the Mirror Maze. He ultimately chooses the right pathway home, and truly believes he has found the Holy grail when he comes back home.


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Portrayed by Edward Reekers

He was transported into the New Dimension by Forever of the Stars to take part in the Electric Castle experiment. Here the seven other humans referred to him as the "Futureman". Unlike the others, who believed the New Dimension to be some sort of mystical realm, he quickly (and, arguably, correctly) determined they were in fact occupying a virtual reality or "cyberworld", though he was still unable to fully understand what was going on. (Time Beyond Time)

He also demonstrated his evolved Humanity when he realized that the entity subjecting them to the experiment may be some sort of technological life form capable of powering itself on negative emotion. He was therefore instrumental in uniting the subjects by suggesting they work together and free their minds from aggression. (The Garden of Emotions)

When he finally reached the Electric Castle, the Futureman and the Hippie climbed the Tower of Hope, from which they were able to view thousands of different possible futures. While the Hippie foresaw an age of peace and harmony, luring him into a false sense of security, the Futureman knew the true, terrible course of history was not swayed and they were able to escape the tower. (Tower of Hope)

The Futureman began to realize what the entity may be, a new evolution of man, presumably from further in the future than him, that had become so dependent on machines that they became part of Human biology, a thought that filled him with dread. (Evil Devolution)

After successfully completing the experiment, he was sent back to his home time on Mars with no memory of the events of the experiment, though he did retain a "feeling" that something had happened. (Another Time, Another Space)


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Portrayed by Jay van Feggelen

The Barbarian is an arrogant warlord with a violent and bloody history. He looks back on his past with pride, and deems himself an unbeatable conqueror, chosen by Odin. The Garden of Emotions sends him into a fit of rage, although he does not end up fighting anyone. He is most troubled by all people he has slain in the past when passing through The Castle Hall. In the end, the arrogantly refuses to pass through the old, worn-out gate (the correct one) and instead says he feels the gold and shining one (the gate to oblivion) calling his name. He passes through the wrong gate, and dies.

The VoiceEdit

Portrayed by Peter Daltrey

A member of the Forever race, that personally supervised the Electric Castle Experiment. He has no regard for the lives of the participants, and taunts them casually every now and then. He also warns them of what is to come, but it is hard to take these warnings seriously, since he ultimately created the dangers in the New Dimension himself (Either him or another Forever).

After the end of the Experiment, he tells the story of how humanity was created by Forever to rekindle their emotions, how their comet was diverted to create them, and how it caused the extinction of the dinosaurs. He ultimately begs them to 'Remember Forever', which is ironic, since he erases the memories of the survivors.