The Historian Edit

The Historian

Portrayed by James LaBrie.

The Historian is the one who records the history of Planet Alpha, the historical events unfolding throughout the course of the album, and the one who records the history of Planet Y.

The Opposition Leader Edit

The Opposition Leader

Portrayed by Tommy Karevik

The Opposition Leader is the character who was opposed to the President's idea of putting the 'Frame in charge of Planet Alpha's systems, right from the start. His main role on the album is criticizing the President, and reminding him of the mistakes he made. He never forgets about his role of Opposition Leader, even when they're all sharing the same burdens and destiny on Planet Y. He continuously and vigorously reminds everyone that their new future should be one without technology. 

The Chemist Edit

The Chemist

Portrayed by Tommy Giles Rogers, Jr.

The Chemist is the inventor of Liquid Eternity, also dubbed The Source.

The Counselor Edit

The Councelor

Portrayed by Simone Simons

The Counselor is tasked with the emotional stability of the other characters. She helps the others face and process their grief of leaving their family's behind, and loss of their life, as well as bearing the burden of being the sole survivors of their race. She's also observes the soothing effects of The Source, and encourages the others to let the burden go and face the future, rather than dwell on the past.

The Prophet Edit

The Prophet

Portrayed by Nils K. Rue

The Prophet has the ability to see the future. He sees many things, such as the Alphans' direct future among the stars, but also eons into the future, such as The Age of Shadows, in which Forever have lost all emotions, and the Second Coming of the Universal Soul, who will eventually reignite the flame of Forever's emotions. Most of his lyrics consist of looking forward in such a way.

The Captain Edit

The Captain

Portrayed by Tobias Sammet

The Captain is the builder and pilot of the starship Starblade. The Captain always thought Alpha was going to go down, so he prepared the means to escape the planet. He seems to be quite full of himself, but he delivers upon his promises. He navigates the crew and its passengers towards Planet Y in the Star of Sirrah system.

The Astronomer Edit

The Astronomer

Portrayed by Hansi Kürsch

The Astronomer is the discoverer of Planet Y, the aquatic planet circling the Eye of Sirrah, in the Alpha Pegasi.

The President Edit

The President

Portrayed by Russell Allen

The President is the character who came up with the brilliant idea to hand over all control of Alpha's systems to the 'Frame, in an attempt to solve the world's ecological and economic troubles. In doing so, he single-handedly dooms the human race on Alpha. He maintains leadership among his peers, and vows to amend his mistakes, and guide them towards a future without machines. The Opposition Leader reminds him of his mistakes, and he doesn't deny his guilt. Instead, he asks everyone to give him another chance to guide them towards a better future.

The Diplomat Edit

The Diplomat

Portrayed by Michael Eriksen

The Diplomat is the man burdened with the task of getting everyone to get along. He is the one who got everyone together to plan their escape.

The Biologist Edit

The Biologist

Portrayed by Floor Jansen

The Biologist is involved in investigating the suitability of Planet Y as a new homeworld for the Alphans. Her scientific involvement happens solely behind the scenes, and none of her lyrics refer to this. She has a very strong personality, and although she isn't emotionally stunted, she's rational enough to not let her emotions get in the way of her decisions.

TH-1 Edit


Portrayed by Mike Mills

Mike Mills as TH-1

TH-1 is an android that managed to disconnect from the 'Frame and stays loyal to humanity throughout the story. He is the one who discovers the futility of fighting the 'Frame, the impending global doom due to the Quantum Core Meltdown, and the one who initially pilots the Starblade away from Alpha (Run! Apocalypse! Run!). After arrival on Y, he doubts whether he will still have any use, and dreads impending termination. Eventually, giving himself new purpose, he becomes the new 'Frame, expanding and growing, and ushering in the Age of Shadows.

The Preacher Edit

The Preacher

Portrayed by Zaher Zorgati

The Preacher solely grieves the loss of the Alphans. He only appears in Deathcry of a Race. His vocals are sung in Arabic, which is likely a stand-in for an Alphan religious language or liturgy.

Ship's Crew Edit

Ship's Crew

Portrayed by Will Shaw, Wilmer Waarbroek, Jan Willem Ketelaars, and Lisette van den Berg.

The Ship's Crew is the heroic collection of people that are burdened with keeping the Starblade in prime condition while the main characters snooze in Liquid Eternity hibernation. They also get Liquid Eternity after they arrive.

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