Ayreon - Cosmic Fusion (Into The Electric Castle) Lyric Video

Ayreon - Cosmic Fusion (Into The Electric Castle) Lyric Video

Cosmic Fusion is the fifth song on the second CD of Into the Electric Castle, and the twelfth song of the entire album. Its length is 7:27. It is preceded by Tower of Hope, and followed by The Mirror Maze.


The Indian is drawn towards a breeze, and soars away from the tower. The feels like she will melt into the sun and become one with the universe. The Roman and Futureman try to stop her, warning her she will only die.

The breeze reveals himself to be Death, and he claims the life of the Indian, who dies screaming.



Soar on the breezeEdit

Spirits - flying (I soar on the breeze)
Mortals - dying (I soar on the breeze)
Into the sun

Lovers - crying (I soar on the breeze)
Demons - sighing (I soar on the breeze)
Into the sun

I'm drawn towards the sun
And then we will be one
My soul will melt into the universe

FUTUREMAN: It's all a lie
ROMAN: You will just die
FUTUREMAN: So don't give in
ROMAN: For we can win

Death's gruntEdit

I am the breeze

The bringer of rest and ease

I am the wind

The forgiver of those who've sinned

I am the storm

I blow the devil's horn

I am the fire

The bringer of lust and desire

I am the sun

The joining has begun

I am your fate

The guardian at the gate

I am death and I claim your final breath!

Screams †

The passing of an eagleEdit

[Eagle sounds]

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