Ayreon - E=mc2 (01011001) Lyric Video

Ayreon - E=mc2 (01011001) Lyric Video

E=MC² is the sixth song on the second disc of 01011001 and the fourteenth song of the entire album. Its length is 5:51. It is preceded by River of Time, and followed by The Sixth Extinction.

Plot Edit

A scientist from Earth in 2084 receives the technology to send messages into the past, sent to him in a dream by Forever. The scientists send a message into the past, but apart from a minor note in ancient lore, nothing changes.

The outcome of the Final Experiment has now been placed in your hands...


Lyrics Edit

It all came to me in the wake of a dream
Bending space, reversing the stream
The knowledge is mine to influence time
And avert our decline (we'll avert our decline)

We could use this to salvage mankind
Send projections into the past (telepathy time)
Etch humanity's fate in their minds
Let them know man won't last
(It all came to me in the wake of a dream)

This may be our last chance
If we want man to survive
A mirror reflection
Show them our world as it dies

Cut through the barrier
And do what no one has dared
Let's break the equation... E=mc²

Our first try was a minor success
No control, I can but guess
We have to move now, don't know just how
No mistakes are allowed
(We can make no mistakes)

I have sent it but nothing changes
Just a line in some ancient lore
(Medieval times)
I don't know just how far it ranges
Everything's like before
(It all came to me in the wake of a dream)

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