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A restrained Mr. L surrounded by his visions.

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Mr. L (also known as the Hippie) was a human who was subjected to the Electric castle experiment.

Early lifeEdit

Mr L. is thought to have had a troubled childhood. When he was young his father died, causing him and his mother to suffer deep depression. Believing life to be cruel and unfair, he adopted aspects of the lifestyle from the 1960s Hippie movement that was occuring at the time, growing his hair and becoming a user of psychedelic drugs to escape and "take a trip into eternity".

The Electric Castle ExperimentEdit


After the experimentEdit

Upon return to his home time, Mr. L discovered his memories were not completely erased. He experienced dreams or flashes of the Electric castle experiment that grew in intensity over time. As well as this, he also seemed to recall memories from another, "past" life, those apparently of the blind minstrel Ayreon and visions of the history of the Forever race. Why he experienced these other memories is uncertain, though they possibly are a side affect of the experiment. His growing instability resulted in him being kept in a mental institution, despite the truth of his words, and his fulfilling of Merlin's prophecy.


  • Since Ayreon was a pre-incarnation of Mr. L, it is possible that Mr. L himself was a pre-incarnation of the Colonist.
  • It is further possible that Mr. L and Mr. Lucassen are the same character, however their ages wouldn't seem to allow that, since Mr. L seems to be at least a young adult by the 1960s while Mr. Lucassen was born in 1960.