Ayreon - Prologue (The Final Experiment) 1995

Ayreon - Prologue (The Final Experiment) 1995

Prologue is the first song of The Final Experiment. Its length is 3:16. It is followed by The Awareness.


Merlin explains the purpose of the final experiment to save mankind.

In the year 2084 after almost a century of war and ecological abuse, the Earth is virtually uninhabitable and the human race on the verge of extinction.

In one last attempt to stop the devastation, scientists have devised the Time Telepathy Project, a computer program capable of sending images of Humanity's decline back through time with the hope they will be picked up by someone who can change the course of history.

With no control over where these images go, they are received by the mind of a blind minstrel in 6th century Britain called Ayreon.



The Time Telepathy ExperimentEdit

This is the voice of Merlin.
Listen well, for it concerns you.
This chronicle commences in the year 2084 A.D.
Mankind has virtually destroyed itself.
Its survival depends on "The Final Experiment".

Scientists from the 21st century have developed a new computer-program called "Time Telepathy".
By using this technique they have sent visions of humanies' decline back in time.
These transmissions have been received by the mind of a blind minstrel, who lives in 6th century Britain.
His name... is "Ayreon".



Ayreon's QuestEdit

It shall be Ayreon's quest to sing of these visions and thus warn the world of its impending downfall in order to change its future into a long and prosperous one.

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