Ayreon - Ride The Comet (01011001) Lyric Video

Ayreon - Ride The Comet (01011001) Lyric Video

Ride the Comet is the seventh song on the first disc of 01011001 and the seventh song of the entire album. Its length is 3:30. It is preceded by Newborn Race, and followed by Web of Lies.


Forever have modified extremophilic bacteria [1] to carry their DNA. They launch the bacteria onto the comet, divert the comet's path, and entrust them with their future.

The diverted comet is sent into the path of the Universal Migrator, because Forever assume that a planet suitable for life will be found at the end. They believe this to be the case because the Migrator Souls are born to create life throughout the universe.



[Forever Bird] Find your way home, little extremophiles
[Forever Ω] Fly, beloved sons
[Forever ϟ] Find your way home, donors of life
[Forever Ω] Fly, my chosen ones
[Forever ⛧] You're on your own, little extremophiles
[Forever Ω] Ride your frozen ark
[Forever ❊] You're on your own, cleaving the skies
[Forever Ω] Ride into the dark

[Forever ☾]
Carry out your dangerous task, sail uncharted spheres
Live out our dreams, ride the comet!
Journey on the Migrator trail, cross the new frontiers
Pass on our genes, ride the comet!

[Forever Bird] You are the future, little extremophiles
[Forever Ω] Fly towards the sun
[Forever ϟ] You are the future, you know what to do
[Forever Ω] Fly, it has begun


  1. These bacteria are likely to be psychrophiles, as they are able to withstand the freezing temperatures of space.

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