Ayreon - Run! Apocalypse! Run! (Official Lyric Video) The Source 2017

Ayreon - Run! Apocalypse! Run! (Official Lyric Video) The Source 2017

Run! Apocalypse! Run! is the sixth song of the first disc of The Source. It is the third song of Chronicle 2: The Alignment of the Ten, and the sixth song of the album. The length is 4:52. It is preceded by All That Was and followed by Condemned to Live.

Plot Edit

On the brink of disaster, rather than unifying in one combined effort to escape their demise, humanity decides to descend into chaos. They start rioting in the streets, people are fighting each other, likely for the last remaining resources. It’s completely pointless, since they’re all going to die anyways, but it’s characteristic for humanity to spend its last time in such a bloody way.

The Ten mostly do their best to avoid getting caught in the crossfire. Down through the tunnels and up to the hills, they reach the Starblade, which is the only electrical system remaining on the planet which is still functioning. It’s a miracle that nobody is attempting to hijack the ship or force their way in.

All characters make it to the ship unharmed, and TH-1 launches the ship away from the planet as quickly as possible, ignoring all safety protocols, and setting a course for their final destination.

Characters/Singers Edit

The Opposition Leader (Tommy Karevik)

The President (Russell Allen)

The Captain (Tobias Sammet)

The Prophet (Nils K. Rue)

TH-1 (Mike Mills)

The Biologist (Floor Jansen)

The Astronomer (Hansi Kürsch)

The Historian (James LaBrie)

Lyrics Edit

[Opposition Leader]

Outside this hall, abuse and assault, a cold-blooded war rages on
We’re leaving today, I’ll lead the way, our perilous journey’s begun


Crime and violence corrupting the heart, society’s falling apart
All our nations are lost in this cruel holocaust, so run!

Run, run, run, run, apocalypse!


Anarchy reigns, chaos remains, we need to get out while we can
No sign of the ‘Frame, we are to blame for the final destruction of man


Alliances spark down there in the dark, the underworld’s coming alive
I see raiders and thieves marauding the streets, now run!


Running out of time, time is running out
Out of all your heads, head toward the stars
Starblade, it's clearly now your only viable solution
Come now, run!

Run! Apocalypse! Run! Our time is running out and the damage is done

Run! Apocalypse! Run! The seven seals of hell have been broken, the devil has won

Run, the countdown is on, the final hour has come now the end has begun

[Prophet] Run! Apocalypse! Run! Our souls are forsaken, our faith has been shaken, it’s time to awaken
The devil has won


It’s break of day, we’re crawling our way down through the tunnels below
Then just like he said, there’s light up ahead, only a few miles to go
We run down the valley and up to the hills, where Starblade's awaiting on high
We all climb aboard, charting our course, we're alive!


Coordinates are set, fire up the jets, wipe away the sweat, repress all your regrets
Power up - throttle down - safety check..? ahh no time! Hold onto your heads...
We’re bound for Sirrah’s Eye!


Run! Apocalypse! Run!
Our souls are forsaken, our faith has been shaken, it’s time to awaken
The devil has taken everything we love

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