Ayreon - The Banishment (The Final Experiment) 1995

Ayreon - The Banishment (The Final Experiment) 1995

The Banishment is the fourth song of The Final Experiment. Its length is 11:08. It is preceded by Eyes of Time, and followed by Ye Courtyard Minstrel Boy.


The villagers believe Ayreon is not a prophet, that he is lying about his visions for his own gain. They accuse him of being a spawn of the devil, but Ayreon tries to convince them he is innocent.

It's no good, however; the villagers drive Ayreon out with torches and he is forced to roam through the forest, in search of a place where he can stay. He is only sustained by the feeling that he hasn't accomplished something he has to do; unfortunately, he is not quite sure what that is.



A new dawnEdit

A perceptable tension is hovering above Ayreon's hometown. Something is at hand.

The gatheringEdit

The townspeople gather on the market square to judge of Ayreon. Is he a prophet or a charlatan, or even worse: an apparition most unholy?

The accusationEdit

The villagers accuse Ayreon of being the devil's spawn, but Ayreon persists in his innocence

Have you seen his eyes
Up in the skies
Like hypnotised
And he never smiles
He never cries

Have you heard his song
Fierce and strong
Right or wrong
Should he be condemned
For he doesn't belong

What have I done

You've aroused the forces of destruction

What have I done

You've unleashed the rage of the gods

What have I done

You've denounced the wonder of creation

What have I done

You've betrayed your own,
Now you have to pay

It has been foretold
In days of old
'n evil soul
Will corrupt the world
To achieve his goal

He's the devil's seed
An evil breed
He's gonna make you bleed
He'll take all he needs
With uncontrollable greed

I've done nothing at all,
No nothing at all

The banishmentEdit

With sticks and torches in hand, the angry villagers drive Ayreon out of their demesne.


Completely exhausted Ayreon roams through the forest, only an indistinct sense of unaccomplishment sustains him.

If I have died, then this must be hell
If I am alive, I cannot break this gruesome spell
I am seeking relief and finding none
I have fallen into oblivion

A force within dominates my tormented soul
And empowers me to regain absolute control
I shall not yield, for I am the chosen one
Who shall rise from oblivion

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