Ayreon - The Sixth Extinction (01011001) Lyric Video

Ayreon - The Sixth Extinction (01011001) Lyric Video

The Sixth Extinction is the seventh and final song of the second disc of 01011001 and the fifteenth song of the entire album. Its length is 12:20. It is preceded by E=MC² and concludes the album.

Plot Edit

Just before the impact of the nuclear weapons that will destroy humanity, Forever grieve humanity's impending demise. Through humanity, Forever suffers vicariously throughout the war and the destruction caused by the atom bombs.

Humanity is extinct on planet Earth, and Forever decides it is not the time to mourn, but instead feels they should take the future in their own hands, and shape it in a less pointless way. 

Forever observe the last human alive, who will become the next Migrator Soul. The Forever reminisce recent events, recalling individual acts. Eventually, the Second Coming of the Universal Soul happens and the Forever regain their emotions.

Singers Edit

Lyrics Edit

Echoes On The WindEdit

[Forever ϟ]
It's the calm before the storm
It's the quiet before the war
It's the time when all will be decided

[Forever ☯] All will be decided
[Forever ϟ] If nobody heeds the echoes on the wind
It's the end of the chain
[Forever ☯] (Destruction of the fittest)
[Forever ϟ] It's the end of our reign
[Forever ☯] (We've seen it all before)
[Forever ϟ] It's the end of man's evolution
[Forever ☯] (The end of the evolution)
[Forever ϟ] For nobody heeds the echoes on the wind

Radioactive GraveEdit

[Forever 🕈] Do you hear the sirens?
[Forever ®] Do you see the burst?
[Forever ☯] Do you feel the fire?
[Forever ⛧] All the world's a radioactive grave!

[Forever ϟ] I can hear them crying!
[Forever ❊] I can see the fear!
[Forever Bird] I can feel them dying!
[Forever ⛧ and Ω] Washed away by deadly gamma waves!

[Forever 🕈] Do you hear them calling?
[Forever ®] Do you see the hurt?
[Forever ☯] Do you feel them failing?
[Forever ⛧ and Ω] All the world's a blazing funeral pyre!

[Forever ϟ] I can hear the wailing!
[Forever ❊] I can see the wrath!
[Forever Bird] I can feel them failing!
[Forever ⛧ and Ω] Washed away by a scorching sea of fire!


[Forever ⛧]
Silence so loud, not a soul... left alive
Darkness a shroud
Two thousand and eighty-five
All our dreams have disappeared
They burned down... tree of life
Confirming all that we have feared
Two thousand and... eighty-five

[Forever ❊]
Don't give up, remember how we felt
Fire rushing through our veins
Now's the time to rise up from our hell
Now's the time to free our brains

[Forever ☯]
The meaning of life is to give life meaning
Go too fast, move too slow
Restore the balance
Between thinking and feeling
Open up and let it flow

[Forever ⛧]
No side has won, struggle to... survive
Our quest here is done...
Two thousand and eighty-five
All our hopes have disappeared
Our race will... not thrive
Time will not recall year
Two thousand and... eighty-five

[Forever ®]
Don't give in, remember all we learned
The spark of life it did ignite
We regained the rage for which we yearned
We regained our will to fight

[Forever Bird]
We must resolve this human equation
We're already dead if we don't try
To welcome challenge, generic variation
Stop the machines, prepare to die!

To The Planet Of RedEdit


Spirit On The WindEdit

[Forever ϟ] He's the last man alive
[Forever ☯] (Searching for the answers)
[Forever ϟ] Knowing he won't survive
[Forever ☯] (To the mystery of life)
[Forever ϟ] Relives the past and dreams of the future
[Forever ☯] (Dreaming of the future)
[Forever ϟ] And soon he'll set free
[Forever ☯] (And the sleeper will awake)
[Forever ϟ] His spirit on the wind

Complete The CircleEdit

Make us whole, Migrator soul
Follow me home, complete the circle
We must survive, restore our lives
The way I'll show, complete the circle

[Ad libs]

"E=mc 2"
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