Ayreon - The Truth Is In Here (01011001) Lyric Video

Ayreon - The Truth Is In Here (01011001) Lyric Video

The Truth is in Here is the third song of the second disc of 01011001 and the eleventh song of the album. Its length is 5:13. It is preceded by Waking Dreams, and followed by Unnatural Selection.

Plot Edit

This song describes the life of Mr. L, who is visited by Forever in his dreams with visions from various past and future happenings. Due to this, he is internalised in what appears to be a psychiatric department, where they mostly dismiss his visions as the ravings of a lunatic, try to keep him quiet and calm, and treat him with medication.

The first part refers to the events of The Final Experiment, of blind minstrel Ayreon and his warnings that no one heeded.

The second part refers to the Amazing Flight from Into the Electric Castle.

The third part describes Planet Y, once a free planet, but now overshadowed by machines.

Finally, Mr. L's dreams repeat, and he is again troubled by Ayreon's story.

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Lyrics Edit

Last night I had that dream again
My world was black as night
Plagued by visions of a future world
[Liselotte] Mr. L, did you take your meds?

I sang about these dreams
Warning man of his demise
Wasted words that no one heard
[Liselotte] Won't you please relax
I'll make your bed...

Today I had that dream again
I roamed among the stars
On the wings of an amazing flight
[Liselotte] Mr. L, do we feel ok?

To a place beyond our time
Where the sunlight doesn't warm
And colour bleeds into the night
[Liselotte] We may have to increase
your dose today...

I know the truth is out there
If you want to see
I know the truth is in here
If you want to feel

Now I have that dream again
I live beneath the waves
In a realm of grace and majesty
[Liselotte] Mr. L, can I ease your mind?

In the distant shadows loom
Cold machines rise from the deep
In a world once proud and free
[Liselotte] Won't you free your thoughts,
let it all unwind...

I hate to have that dream again
They live inside my head
Feeling everything I feel inside
[Liselotte] Mr. L, can you please be still?

They speak to me in dreams
They can see all I can see
They have always been my guide [Liselotte] You gotta hush now please,
have another pill!

[Arjen] I know the truth is out there
[Liselotte] Why should we believe you?
[Arjen] If you want to see
I know the truth is in here
[Liselotte] Why should we deceive you?
[Arjen] If you want to feel

We are alone
There's no one there
You don't have to be afraid

We are all clones...
I am so scared...
Can't you see through this masquerade?

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