Ayreon - Flight of the Migrator

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The tired Colonist pre-incarnates as far back as possible, to the birth of the universe and the creation of the first soul, the Universal Migrator.


Throughout the story, the Colonist follows the Universal Migrator on its path. They travel from the chaos of the Big Bang, where the Migrator splits into a million souls, to a Black Hole, which they enter. They travel through the wormhole inside, and exit through the White hole on the other side. They eventually reach Planet Y of Forever, and finally the Solar system. Before reaching Earth, the Colonist dies, and his spirit is reincarnated as the Second Coming of the Universal Soul. The Colonist provides a very graphic description of all celestial bodies he encounters.

Musicians Edit

Vocalists Edit

Instrumentalists Edit

  • Arjen Lucassen - electric and acoustic guitars, bass guitar, analog synthesizers, Mellotron, Hammond, additional keyboards; guitar solos on tracks 1, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9
  • Ed Warby - drums
  • Erik Norlander - analog synthesizers, vocoder, Taurus pedal, Hammond, additional keyboards; synth solos on tracks 1, 3 (Hammond), 4, 5, 7
  • Michael Romeo - guitar solo on track 2
  • Oscar Holleman - second guitar solo on track 4
  • Gary Wehrkamp - guitar and synth solo on track 6
  • Rene Merkelbach - last synth solo on track 4
  • Clive Nolan - second synth solo on track 5
  • Keiko Kumagai - synth solo on track 9 (plus Hammond)
  • Peter Siedlach - strings


  • The events from The Sixth Extinction movement "Complete the Circle" directly follow the events in The New Migrator.

Song ListEdit

  1. Chaos - 5:11
  2. Dawn of a Million Souls - 7:45
  3. Journey on the Waves of Time - 5:48
  4. To The Quasar - 8:43
    1. The Taurus Pulsar
    2. Quasar 3C273
  5. Into the Black Hole - 10:25
    1. The Eye of the Universe
    2. Halo of Darkness
    3. The Final Door
  6. Through the Wormhole - 6:05
  7. Out of the White Hole - 7:11
    1. M31
    2. Planet Y
    3. The Search Continues
  8. To the Solar System - 6:12
    1. Planet of Blue
    2. System Alert
  9. The New Migrator - 8:17
    1. Metamorphosis
    2. Sleeper Awake

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