Ayreon - Waracle (The Final Experiment) 1995

Ayreon - Waracle (The Final Experiment) 1995

Waracle is the ninth song of The Final Experiment. Its length is 6:44. It is preceded by Computer Reign (Game Over), and followed by Listen to the Waves.


Ayreon sings of the countless wars to come, and the one that will end it all. He describes the events that will lead to humanity's downfall.



Ayreon sings of the uselessness of the countless wars to come, and the absurdity of the final annihilation by the push of just one button by just one man.

Echoes of a thousand screams
Smoke, blood and fire
A deserted battlefield
Millions of men will die
At one man's desire
And the docile mass will yield

All through the ages
Men will die before their time
In an everlasting war
As long as man is taught
That war is not a crime
Man will fight for evermore

Out of the ashes
A war lord will arise
And tyrannise the land
His reign of terror
Will cost many a sacrifice
An inferno is at hand

All through the centuries
Men will be caged
In the name of liberty
As long as man shall live
Wars will be waged
Or will we ever be set free?
Set me free!

The road to ruin
Gets shorter all the time
As technology will improve
It takes but one man
To commit the ultimate crime
And make his final move

"Computer Reign (Game Over)"
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